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Accessories for water feature construction and maintenance
7 watt UV bulb
7 watt Replacement UV bulb
Anti-Crack Wizard Fibre
Anti-crack additive to prevent hairline cracks in concrete ponds. Prevents future leaks.
Multi way 1" WATER VALVE
Excellent water valve with 1 inlet and two or three variable flow rate valved outlets
G4 Pond Sealer (1kG Clear)
G4 Pond Sealant for concrete ponds. 1 Kg Clear colour
9 watt UV bulb
9 watt Replacement UV bulb
11 watt UV bulb
11 watt Replacement UV bulb
Pond Care Net
Telescopic pond net for easy maintenance
Fish Net
Fine mesh net for cleaning ponds, inspection & moving fish
Pond Edge Stakes
Pack of 10 pond edge stakes for use with Pond Edge sytem
18 watt UV bulb
18 watt Replacement UVC ultra violet clarifier bulb
24 watt UV bulb
24 watt UV bulb
Tradux Liner Transition
Bring pipes or cables through pond liner with this fitting
Pond Liner Joining Tape
6 meter roll of seam splicing tape for EPDM and PVC liner
36 watt UV bulb
36 watt UV bulb
55 watt UV bulb
55 watt UV bulb
Oase Pond Heater thermo 330
Ice Preventor Pond heater to keep your fish healthy in frozen water..last one in stock
Support element for Oase reservoirs
For increasing the weight which can be safely placed on the lid of the Oase reservoirs
G4 Pond Sealer (5kG Clear)
G4 Pond Sealant for concrete ponds. 5 Kg Clear colour
Oase Filtocap filter cover
Decorative rock cover accessory for Oase pressure filters
G4 Pond Sealer (5kG Black)
G4 Pond Sealant for concrete ponds. 5 Kg Black colour
Pond Edge
Oase pond edge system to give your pond a clean professional finish 25 meter roll
Underwater Cable junction box UKKT3
Junction box ,4 inlets/outlets submersible
Automatic Water Level Control System
Water level control system, fully automated with anti waving feature